New Member Bio- Mackenzi DiPerna!

Mackenzi Hugging

Mackenzi Diperna










Why DG was right for me!


         “My name is Mackenzi DiPerna and I am currently a Senior in Public Health.  I went through continuous open bidding (COB) for Delta Gamma in the fall of 2014.  Since I am older than most girls going through recruitment, I was hesitant to go through this process. My best friend has been a member of DG for a while and wanted me to at least try going to the house for the COB events to see what it was like. The COB events made me feel more comfortable and welcomed into their home. I enjoyed COB events because they were in more intimate settings and not so formal. Because there were only a handful of us at the house at a time, it was easier to get to know different girls and not feel like I was competing to talk to someone. The COB events made me get to know a number of different girls at one time.

         At that point, I knew DG was the right place for me. One thing that was a part of my decision was whether or not DG felt like my home when I was there. After the first event I definitely saw myself spending time there with everyone and having fun. Going through informal recruitment was one of the best decisions I have made in my college career. I can’t wait to meet all of you beautiful potential new members!”


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