New Member Bio- Bri Figley!

Bri Figley

“Hello ladies! My name is Bri Figley & I am a new member of the Delta Gamma sorority at Kent State. When I first decided to go through sorority recruitment, I was a nervous wreck. I never thought of myself as a “sorority girl” and I didn’t think it would be the right fit for me. I’ve been a tomboy all my life. I like the outdoors, fishing, hunting, & camo, so pink bows and glitter wasn’t really something I saw myself in. I wanted to try something new, so I went through with recruitment. I was so overwhelmed that I almost decided to give up until I walked into the Delta Gamma room. As soon as the conversations started I felt like I was talking to my best friends. The energy in the room was so inviting, it just felt right. When I graduated high school I lost touch with pretty much all of my childhood friends. My freshman year of college was scary and extremely lonely. I made friends, but none of whom I really felt I could relate to on a deeper level. The women of Delta Gamma have completely changed that for me. I now have about 200 beautiful sisters who I can call at any time & I can say with absolute confidence that they will be there for me, and that’s just here at Kent. DG is a nationally recognized sorority and sisters are always making connections on and off campus. Not only are the relationships with the girls something that you can’t get anywhere else, but the philanthropic events we do are an amazing way to give back to the community and it just feels good. Being in a sorority, especially DG, has opened so many doors for me, from meeting new people to finding internships that will help me with my career. I couldn’t imagine my life without these girls and I cannot wait to continue that legacy throughout the rest of my life!  Love, Bri <3”


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