Throwback: Bid Day 2011


“This picture was taken on Bid Day 2011 and at the time I had no idea who these two girls were. The Bid Day photographer just said “you three hop in a picture”! Over the past two years these girls have transformed from complete strangers to roommates to best friends and sisters for life. Joining Delta Gamma has given me so many opportunities. I have met women who bring out my best qualities, have had the opportunity to become a leader in my chapter, and I also made memories that will last a lifetime. Joining Delta Gamma has been the best decision I have made in college. I hope that other college women give Greek life a change and see how much is can make a difference in both their college experience and their lives.” – Amanda Schroeder


Blastoff this year was such a success. Recruitment is such a vital part of the school year for the Greek Community but it also helps us remember why we are such a strong sisterhood in the first place. For Hope. For Strength. For Life. Delta Gamma.

For the love of Delta Gamma


“What I love most about Delta Gamma is the strong bond I have with all my sisters. Living in the house this year has really showed me how amazing all the women are in this chapter; each one brings their special talents to the table. We all come from different cities but when we are all together, it’s like we’ve never left home. We also come from so many different backgrounds but it’s something that we respect and celebrate.” – Theresa Ciraldo

Making a Difference




Junior Karianne Johnsen, a native Maryland resident recently interned at the National Institute of Health this summer in order to make a difference in the lives of teens who are affected by substance abuse.

“This summer I was an intern at the National Institute on Drug Abuse. NIDA addresses the most important questions about drug abuse by understanding how drugs work in the brain and body. This helps develop and test new approaches to treatment and prevention. I specifically worked in the Public Information and Liaison Branch.

One of the projects that I worked on was to help find possible contacts for NIDA’s annual “National Drug Facts Week” for teens. I also assisted the press team locate recently published news articles on the web that had interviews with NIDA scientists. I was given the opportunity to outline a possible outreach program to college students. This was an incredible experience for me because I was able to do a marketing plan all by myself. NIDA’s main outreach is to teenagers, so the main goal of my project was to see how NIDA could use the publications it already has for college students. I am excited to say that I will be able to see my ideas and recommendations in NIDA’s future work!

My mother is a recreation therapist in the clinical center at the National Institutes of Health. Growing up, I always visited NIH and spent the day interacting with patients. At Kent State, I am Vice President of Social Standards for Gamma Epsilon. I thought it would be great experience to work at NIDA, not only for my major in communications, but also for my position in Delta Gamma. It is part of my responsibility to present a risk management presentation at the beginning of each semester. After spending the summer with NIDA, I now have significant information about drugs and alcohol that I can use in presentations to my chapter.

Going to school six hours away from home is tough; especially when I only make it back to Maryland for holiday breaks. Anytime I can spend with my family is invaluable. Being able to carpool to work everyday with my mother was an experience I will keep with me forever.”