Delta Gamma Wins Delta Zeta LipSync 2015!!!!

Delta Zeta of Kent State University’s 7th annual LipSync Contest raised an astounding grand total of $77,179.86 to benefit their philanthropy of the hearing and speech impaired. 22 fraternities and sororities competed in the event, performing skits which included lip syncing EVERY line and lyric, choreography, and sign language! Each had their own different theme. Delta Gamma’s theme was “Snow White and the 6 Founders of Delta Zeta!!!” While the awards were split separately between fraternities and sororities, Delta Gamma came in 1st place for more than we could have ever imagined… 

1st Place Performance

1st Place Fundraising

and. . .

1st Place Overall Sorority


How exciting.

The awards were chosen through the votes of the members of Delta Zeta themselves, and we couldn’t be more honored. ΔΓ ❤ ΔΖ  Below are a few pictures of the fun we had!LipSync group picAvery animals liv and michelleHalie & Meg trophies pic DZ Amount Pic

New Member Bio- Megan Fishburn!



10703927_953317388016690_840292507340005421_n photo



Coming into Kent State, I never thought I would end up going Greek, and at first, I didn’t. Formal recruitment flew by and I was un-fazed by the missed opportunity. However, my brother being a part of a fraternity introduced me to a side of Greek Life I didn’t really know. The overall comradery of those boys really made me second guess my decision of not going through formal recruitment in the fall.

With that being said, an amazing opportunity came to me. A few wonderful Delta Gammas I had met invited me out for s’mores one night.  Little did I know that what I thought was a simple gathering of friends was going to be the best decision I’ve made thus far in my college career.

I ended up getting a COB application while trying to get sticky marshmallow off of my fingers, and my excitement grew about the situation before me. I was lucky enough to attend a few more COB events this past fall, and met a lot of awesome girls through it. And then the best COB invitation of all came through my inbox one night, labeled as an invite only event. I couldn’t help but guess at what that meant, and I ended up being right!

On October 8th 2014, I got the best news possible. I was wanted by the lovely ladies of Delta Gamma, and I was offered my informal bid.

I cannot explain to you how I excited I was that day. I was calling my mom, my friends from home, and of course my brother. Everyone was equally as excited for me, which simply affirmed the fact that I knew I was making the right decision for myself.

I want to go back to my first few words though, how I never saw myself going Greek. In all honesty, I really didn’t. I thought all sororities were what is portrayed in movies and on television, and I simply did not think that was for me. But I was wrong. Greek Life, especially here at Kent, is so much more than the general sorority stereotype it is thought to be by those who have not experienced it. The bond between friends, the strive to do good, and the love and support shown by everyone on campus completely pulled me in. Delta Gamma specifically is so much more than just a sorority. It is a family. It is a source of companionship, help, and love. I found myself through these beautiful people around me, and I’ve only been a part of this organization for half a semester.

It’s absolutely crazy to me that a few months ago I would’ve laughed at the idea of being a sorority girl. I simply couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve learned so much from these ladies already, and the more I learned throughout both COB recruitment and my time as a collegian member, the more I fell in love.

If you’re anything like me, I can promise you that looking a little further into what Greek Life truly is, is something you won’t regret!

Megan Fishburn

Fall 2014 COB Recruit (:


New Member Bio- Brittany Rhoa!




“I came to Kent from an extremely small town where everybody knows everybody. I’ve had the same best friends since elementary school, and am also extremely close with my family, so being ripped away from them was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. When I got here, the homesickness was so bad that I didn’t want to get out of bed or even eat for nearly three weeks. I felt trapped. I couldn’t go home, and my mom couldn’t come cuddle me and make it better. I was set on transferring second semester, but something changed my mind. I decided to go through recruitment and fortunately, the wonderful ladies of Delta Gamma kept me here at Kent. I had lost faith that anything could possibly change my plans of leaving Kent, but I can honestly say that I found my home away from home. I knew DG was right for me when I met girls that I felt like I had known my whole life. When I had a fifteen minute long conversation about pizza, I knew I was home. Recently coming back from Christmas break, I thought I would surely face the same debilitating homesickness, but I was wrong. I have my incredible sisters here, and I know they would never let me fall into that dark place again. It’s an incredible feeling to know that so many girls will have my back no matter what. I know I always have someone to cry to, someone to laugh with, and someone to go to Taco Bell with at 2am. They welcomed me with open arms, and I can only hope that I have the same impact on someone in the future.”

New Member Bio- Mackenzi DiPerna!

Mackenzi Hugging

Mackenzi Diperna










Why DG was right for me!


         “My name is Mackenzi DiPerna and I am currently a Senior in Public Health.  I went through continuous open bidding (COB) for Delta Gamma in the fall of 2014.  Since I am older than most girls going through recruitment, I was hesitant to go through this process. My best friend has been a member of DG for a while and wanted me to at least try going to the house for the COB events to see what it was like. The COB events made me feel more comfortable and welcomed into their home. I enjoyed COB events because they were in more intimate settings and not so formal. Because there were only a handful of us at the house at a time, it was easier to get to know different girls and not feel like I was competing to talk to someone. The COB events made me get to know a number of different girls at one time.

         At that point, I knew DG was the right place for me. One thing that was a part of my decision was whether or not DG felt like my home when I was there. After the first event I definitely saw myself spending time there with everyone and having fun. Going through informal recruitment was one of the best decisions I have made in my college career. I can’t wait to meet all of you beautiful potential new members!”

New Member Bio- Bri Figley!

Bri Figley

“Hello ladies! My name is Bri Figley & I am a new member of the Delta Gamma sorority at Kent State. When I first decided to go through sorority recruitment, I was a nervous wreck. I never thought of myself as a “sorority girl” and I didn’t think it would be the right fit for me. I’ve been a tomboy all my life. I like the outdoors, fishing, hunting, & camo, so pink bows and glitter wasn’t really something I saw myself in. I wanted to try something new, so I went through with recruitment. I was so overwhelmed that I almost decided to give up until I walked into the Delta Gamma room. As soon as the conversations started I felt like I was talking to my best friends. The energy in the room was so inviting, it just felt right. When I graduated high school I lost touch with pretty much all of my childhood friends. My freshman year of college was scary and extremely lonely. I made friends, but none of whom I really felt I could relate to on a deeper level. The women of Delta Gamma have completely changed that for me. I now have about 200 beautiful sisters who I can call at any time & I can say with absolute confidence that they will be there for me, and that’s just here at Kent. DG is a nationally recognized sorority and sisters are always making connections on and off campus. Not only are the relationships with the girls something that you can’t get anywhere else, but the philanthropic events we do are an amazing way to give back to the community and it just feels good. Being in a sorority, especially DG, has opened so many doors for me, from meeting new people to finding internships that will help me with my career. I couldn’t imagine my life without these girls and I cannot wait to continue that legacy throughout the rest of my life!  Love, Bri <3”

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